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Here’s a nice follow-up to yesterday’s post about the Korean online games market. Gamasutra has a good interview with Min Kim, VP of Nexon USA, about the company’s expansion into Western markets with their games and business model.

One of Kim’s main points here is that every new game that launches as free-to-play here in North America is actually helping Nexon (and others) build the market. This is a┬ánascent┬ámarket that needs to be built up before the publishers get too worried about competition. Right now they need to focus on convincing players of traditional North American games that free-to-play is worth their time.

Read the full article at Gamasutra


San Jose based Pearl Research has recently published a report forecasting the online games market in Korea to exceed $2 billion in 2011. Growth has been beyond healthy, with three of the top 5 Korean game operators seeing a more than 50% increase in revenue in 2009. The companies have shifted their focus beyond the Korean borders and Nexon in particular has announced that non-Korean contributions accounted for the majority of its global revenue in 2009. Micro-transactions are a key to the growth for these operators and it’s interesting to see this business model grow to other regions beyond Asia.

Read the full press release (pdf warning)