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Here’s a nice follow-up to yesterday’s post about the Korean online games market. Gamasutra has a good interview with Min Kim, VP of Nexon USA, about the company’s expansion into Western markets with their games and business model.

One of Kim’s main points here is that every new game that launches as free-to-play here in North America is actually helping Nexon (and others) build the market. This is a nascent market that needs to be built up before the publishers get too worried about competition. Right now they need to focus on convincing players of traditional North American games that free-to-play is worth their time.

Read the full article at Gamasutra


Looks like 11 states are lining up behind California to support a new law that is intended to restrict the sale of violent video games to minors. The law was struck down by an appeals court, but will be reconsidered by the Supreme Court of the United States.

It seems like the industry’s self imposed Electronic Software Ratings Board should really already take care of this, but I guess we can’t trust parents to take care of their children themselves can we.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast! Looks like Blizzard is now NOT going to require real names for forum posts. So much for that experiment I mentioned below. Still kind of interesting to see this play out though. Obviously the Blizzard users weren’t so excited about the idea of their real names showing on the forums – so much so that Blizzard quickly changed their policy. Power to the people right? My original post remains below.

Looks like the end of anonymous flame wars and forum trolls. At least that seems to be Blizzard’s hope for their portal forums.

Blizzard has recently introduce their Real ID feature that is meant to unify your account for their games and give you a more engaging and accessible experience – I’m paraphrasing, but you get he point. The bottom line is that one of the features of Real ID is to expose players real names to their friends in Blizzard games. This also extends to the forums.

It will definitely be an interesting experiment to watch as requiring a forum poster to include their real name is rare at best. It could have a significant affect on the overall number of posts and on the content of those posts. Now when you get Rickrolled by John Smith you can go find him in-game and punish him.

Realtime Worlds recently announced via their user forums that they will feature in-game voice ads in APB. The news was actually originally dropped (accidentally) via one of the beta users that noticed a button for voip premium on his account page. A long and somewhat nasty thread erupted and led to one of the community officers posting a sticky to officially explain what’s going on.

The biggest complaint among users is that this is not a free game. Users will buy the game and pay monthly fees. The fee for premium voip (to get rid of the ads) is on top of the other costs. They are also peeved because of the way this news got out and because it came out so late into the beta. The game is now in early access and will be launching soon, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this feature.

Overall, it looks like the APB users are actually pretty accepting of voice ads. What they are really taking issue with is the implementation.