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Realtime Worlds recently announced via their user forums that they will feature in-game voice ads in APB. The news was actually originally dropped (accidentally) via one of the beta users that noticed a button for voip premium on his account page. A long and somewhat nasty thread erupted and led to one of the community officers posting a sticky to officially explain what’s going on.

The biggest complaint among users is that this is not a free game. Users will buy the game and pay monthly fees. The fee for premium voip (to get rid of the ads) is on top of the other costs. They are also peeved because of the way this news got out and because it came out so late into the beta. The game is now in early access and will be launching soon, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this feature.

Overall, it looks like the APB users are actually pretty accepting of voice ads. What they are really taking issue with is the implementation.