forums NOT requiring real names

Posted: July 10, 2010 in games marketing, pc
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UPDATE: Well, that was fast! Looks like Blizzard is now NOT going to require real names for forum posts. So much for that experiment I mentioned below. Still kind of interesting to see this play out though. Obviously the Blizzard users weren’t so excited about the idea of their real names showing on the forums – so much so that Blizzard quickly changed their policy. Power to the people right? My original post remains below.

Looks like the end of anonymous flame wars and forum trolls. At least that seems to be Blizzard’s hope for their portal forums.

Blizzard has recently introduce their Real ID feature that is meant to unify your account for their games and give you a more engaging and accessible experience – I’m paraphrasing, but you get he point. The bottom line is that one of the features of Real ID is to expose players real names to their friends in Blizzard games. This also extends to the forums.

It will definitely be an interesting experiment to watch as requiring a forum poster to include their real name is rare at best. It could have a significant affect on the overall number of posts and on the content of those posts. Now when you get Rickrolled by John Smith you can go find him in-game and punish him.


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