how a beta can backfire

Posted: June 27, 2010 in console, games marketing, pc

EA is gearing up to release the latest in the Medal of Honor franchise – called simply Medal of Honor – and are really looking for a return to glory. This was no doubt planned to battle the Call of Duty franchise from Activision that has been dominant lately. EA has taken a cross-studio approach and have tapped DICE (famous for the Battlefield franchise) for the game’s multi-player and EA Los Angeles (the traditional Medal of Honor studio) for the single-player campaign. I saw the game recently at E3 and while I didn’t see anything ground breaking, it does look like a perfectly competent shooter that plays well and was fun in my quick show-floor demo. I’m definitely excited to play more.

What’s been interesting to me has been the response to a minor delay with the Xbox 360 beta. Read on for the details.

EA offered beta access keys with Medal of Honor pre-orders. I have to admit that definitely got me motivated to put in my order. So I got the key from Amazon and went to activate my Xbox 360 beta. Unfortunately, the beta isn’t ready for the 360 yet. I could play on the PC or PS3, but that would use my key and I wouldn’t be able to play on the 360. No biggie, I can be patient.

Well what’s no biggie for me seems to be a major biggie for a lot of vocal gamers idiots on Twitter. You’d think that by not giving hourly updates on the Xbox 360 beta that EA was killing their cats. They’ve paid exactly zero money so far and yet EA OWES them their beta! Get over it people. The world is not ending because you can’t play the beta for this video game.

It’s almost comical how much anger people are spewing via their tweets:

Anyway, you can see how a small delay can bring on the wrath. I don’t understand the feeling of entitlement, but oh well. That’s just the fun of the internet. I hope the Medal of Honor community manager has a thick skin.


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